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  • pejlsalh31
    December 31, 2019 at 11:28 pm #2456

    Certainly, Zhuo any not know that oneself has already been called “gasoline butcher”, also not know that he in fact returns a general staff table just small up that white rat, at the moment of he already in no mind think any thing.On the morning of May 2, he is set out front the air force carry of the last ammunition replenishment and an important assistant, the air force liaison officer the captain of Fan Shao Bo with the group of 3 people whom he leads.
    Grow a circle circle baby face, 25 years old, hang a camera on the neck, how see Fan Shao Bo’s captain all like little report reporter is the whole person of activity indispensability.The modern war pays attention to vacant land to be in conjunction with, but how moderate vacant land to completely want to be stationed liaisonning officer of each soldier by air force.Although they the soldier title is low, power very big, even if is a group soldier to request an air support, have to pass them as well.And they mostly master in academicses like weather,etc, if feel that the conditions like the weather,etc disallows, so even if is an army commander group soldier even the commander is all helpless.Most enrage people of BE, want ~only their judgment right, even if front hurt they can’t undertake a responsibility, and each soldiers all have the temper to cover up shortcomings, the army ate stuffy Kuis to all can not find the tube of giving vent to anger.
    Certainly, this kind of affair temporarily hasn’t appeared, after all everyone shares a bitter hatred of the enemy.But early isn’t the Zhuo of new hand any still keeps valuing the advice of Yue Peng, that”person vein relation net” very much and eat well to drink so much of provide Fan Shao Bo and the contact set, not only adjust to gather a tank row protection somebody else’s work, but also arrange an all new half track conductor car, canned fruit finally still secretly hardest drink the front line, fill a box of in the car.
    The meaning is very obvious, the elder brother’s sky depend you.
    Just adjusted to Fan Shao Bo to have never thought to serve as for the very first time from the coast duty, can run into a so good superior, hence signing Ma Pai’s breast assurance will adjust to gather more airplanes a protection possibly troops.
    Finish eating lunch, Best Hunting Knife Zhuo any makes to finally adjust, choose standard of triangle aggression type.The front arrowhead naturally hands over to have a meal to all hang long-handled sword of martial bedlamite Zhao Deng Yu.Poland and the tenth armor travels a regiment and 2 regiments to put to act as in the rib department of 510 regiments for repair to take the offensive strength.Second armored division 4 regiments are responsible for two wing protections, 11 independence armor regiment with 3 machines tread teacher 539 regiments also have betwixt two 31 tank camps protect behind of half track and infantry impedimenta, three hunting dog round type armor camps then match with the 3rd in Kazakhstan to ride soldier’s teacher to be responsible for battlefield to probe.

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