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  • ningling2016
    June 29, 2020 at 10:17 pm #62361

    So the reason why he uses a silver punter is since they use a game mode called salary cap at which every card is gold wow classic assigned a price and you’ve got a limitation for your team. Therefore a silver punter takes up a lot less”cap” compared to a golden or normal Qb so he is free to use that extra cap space someplace. Also is left handed so it requires a shorter animation to hand off the ball in runs into the left.

    I see. The linemen to overpower the hb along with the defensive lineup stretch I’ve heard a lot about? IIRC the AI can not react to run something or plays. An extremely clever way of sport knowledge that is fully utilizing.

    It’s EA’s fault for making a faulty game experience although definitely doesn’t sound like soccer. Thanks for the explanation! I watched so I figure he’s a very cheap QB Joke and the semi finals had Eli Manning. Joke uses Eli and the punter, Tress Way, depending on which way he intends to operate. Less frames are taken by eli being a right and Way being a lefty because running towards the arm of the QB on the handoff cartoon.

    I used to buy Madden ever single year since 2005. Hours and I would play. It has been dreadful. I purchased one in the buy wow classic gold last 10ish years. I didn’t like it and that has been offline against people not against people using the meta online.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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