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  • goodwood
    December 25, 2019 at 6:26 pm #2438

    oneself takes condition more okay, run to fix all the way all the way, didn’t hold up time on the whole.But this time after tossing about in a row, not only the armored force toss about of suffer from vomiting and diarrhea, arrive of 43 tanks also have to immediately check to fix, otherwise can not battle at all.
    “I am to have no a way.Lieutenant colonel, you have here how many machines fix a soldier?All give me.If not and quickly check to fix, perhaps will hold up important event.”Want to complete a greatly fixing of ten several tankses root within several hours to be impossible, but don’t carry on a tank war, either now, Be prop up to order small scope mobile or can force the finished, so Zhuo any simultaneously lets people arrange tank the soldier take a rest, again all machines that can collect in the handle knob fix strength to all hand over to 2 regiments.
    Zhao Deng Yu puts on to do a corner of mouth, while taking two machines to fix to connect 20 the communism out of the kilometer the international youth village spread an explosion voice.
    After collectivizing, Kazakhstan appeared to allow much more youth villages and international village, these villages are in fact a to collectivize a farm.After mounting sudden attack to travel here, built up defense line in the forest of the west, still just Kazakhstan ride the match of soldier’s teacher under move the whole villages to all get empty to withdraw to walk, and dug to break a railroad.Although handle properly,fight still very vigorous.
    The card Cha Luo man 29th prepares although the soldier is one to prepare a soldier, Su the soldier deployed a few armored trains in the Turkic Si Tan, this time after withdraw these armored trains and be seen as forward.
    876 millimeters of cannon of two row armored trains constantly bomb to the fierce forest, the card Cha Luo man still throws in 20 BT tanks and more than 1,000 infantries and tries to pull out this nail.Soldier of railroad of railroad train also cover in the machine gun and the big gun under, wholesale plantation shutters lift out a storage in the steel rail on the railroad train, want to fix the good railroad continues to go forward.Although Zhuo any deployment two 25 tank rows here spare no effort countercheck, still can not thoroughly impede to railroad tracks be spread by a root up.In this key time, 2 carries three cannon boat the machine developed a huge function, they continuously throw down a flare guide line direction and also play fieriness to strafe a ground with the machine gun and 40 millimeters of Lius.

    May 7, 2020 at 1:19 am #2812

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