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  • engola
    December 28, 2018 at 12:52 am #1940

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    <p>HARRY WINSTON Opus 12 OPUMHM46WW001 Men Replica watch</p>
    <p>Harry Winston’s work 12</p>
    <p>Every year as the world of Basel approaches, a word permeates the top of the collective consciousness of the watch world: "Opus." Harry Winston’s Opus music often exceeds everyone else on the hum generator chart. This year’s Opus watch did not disappoint. It may temporarily confuse some of us, but it is not disappointing. (Click to view the photo of the wallpaper image; check the price below.)</p>
    <p>After entering the HW booth, I met a saint watch writer and friend. He simply asked me, "Have you seen it?" I didn’t. He said, "Look at how you can guess how it works." After the presentation, I had to admit that my initial guess missed the mark. In Opus 12, Harry Winston said that he had not done it before. I can’t question this statement. The idea stems from the idea of ​​watchmaker Emmanuel Bouchet in 2009. In collaboration with designers Augustin Nussbaum and Harry Winston, Bouchet brought Opus 12.RICHARD MILLE RM 011 BROWN SILICON replica watch</p>
    <p>So how does it work? There is a double-sided mark of about 5 mm in length at each position in the 12-hour position. The side of the mark is longer, indicating the minute hand and the other side is shorter, indicating the hour hand. Each marker or hand is attached to the drive wheel, each marker displays a blue face when indicating time and a neutral face when not displayed. For example, at 10:10, a shorter blue pointer will appear at 10 o’clock and a longer blue pointer will appear at 2 o’clock. Other hour markers will be neutral. What if it is 10:12? A center-mounted retrograde hand shows the minute between five people. There is also a traditional small second hand below the retrograde minute.</p>
    <p>The 12-hour mark is rotated by the two dials and the dial is rotated. Both crown wheels have teeth that engage the drive wheels of the hand. The outer crown wheel used to activate the minute hand rotates around the dial within one hour, moving from one station to the next at 5 minute intervals. The first toothed portion engages the wheel of the next station and the 5 minute hand turns to its indicated side. In parallel, the second toothed portion leaves the previous station and the minute hand turns to the neutral side. In this way, every 5 minutes, the next hour mark turns blue, and the previous mark flip becomes neutral. This happens so quickly that it creates a visual illusion that jumps from the hour mark to the hour mark with one hand.<br>
    <p>In an hour of change, Opus 12 made a reality show. The inner crown wheel remains stationary for 60 minutes and advances around the dial, driving the hour hand in rapid succession. Just like a crowd in a sporting event, the hourly markers flash blue for one second.</p>
    <p>The rotational speed is controlled by the escapement mechanism, which requires less energy than the flywheel governor and provides a starting sound effect. Harry Winston said one of the challenges in designing this piece was to provide the necessary energy for the movement’s precision and animation. The solution is that the moving and rotating hour and minute hands are supplied by separate barrels that provide different energies. The two barrels are wound at the same time, and the double main clock machine also takes 45 hours to relax. When the energy required for the animation is not enough to power it, the motion stops. Each barrel has a sliding spring to prevent breakage due to excessive entanglement. The power reserve of the two barrels is shown along the curved center of the watch.Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE replica watches price</p>
    <p>Complex modules coordinate pointers and their gear trains. Since the outer crown wheel forms the wall around the module, the watchmaker must construct an external drive system that connects the upper chord at the bottom of the movement to the crown and the crown must be able to enter the case belt halfway. The solution is a drive wheel that reverses the winding direction, so the setting can only be done by timing ahead.</p>
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    <p>OPUS 12 tech specs from Harry Winston:</p>
    <p>Name Opus 12<br>
    Type: Mechanical manually-wound<br>
    Specific features: 607 parts, 80 jewels and 2 barrels, 24 hands<br>
    Power reserve :45 hours<br>
    Decorations: Mainplate and upper bridges shot-peened and NAC-coated<br>
    Lower bridges shot-peened, adorned with circular Côtes de Genève and nickel palladium coated<br>
    Functions Hour and 1/12th of an hour (five-minutes) displays via a rotating, double-hand system<br>
    Animation of the 12 hour hands at each change of hour<br>
    Animation of the minutes hands every five minutes<br>
    Retrograde five-minute display, power-reserve indicator and small seconds<br>
    Material: Polished 18K white gold<br>
    Crystal Anti-reflective sapphire<br>
    Back: Exhibition type/Anti-reflective sapphire<br>
    Diameter: 46 mm<br>
    Water resistance: 30 meters<br>
    Dial: Retrograde minute. Power-reserve display with NAC-coated lower part, shot-peened and rhodium upper part<br>
    Small seconds with frosted sapphire crystal<br>
    Bracelet: Hand-sewn black alligator leather<br>
    Type: Folding buckle<br>
    Material: Polished 18K white gold<br>
    Collection: Opus</p>
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    December 20, 2019 at 8:45 am #2413

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