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  • miah66
    October 2, 2017 at 11:17 am #1685

    A friend and I started on Sat 9/30 from the Hillsboro Max. The ride was pretty straightforward getting out of town, just watch for right hooks along OR-8 in Cornelius and Forest Grove. All the climbing really begins at Mt Richmond Rd where it turns to gravel, and then a nice drop until you’ve done a few miles of pavement on Turner Creek Rd. Once this road turns to gravel, at a gate (closed on this day), the REAL climb begins. This was really hard for me w/ my loaded bike. I walked parts of it (I NEVER walk anything) because it was so steep and long.

    It also happened to be the first day of hunting season, so wearing bright colors, ringing my bell, etc. We actually ran into an Oregon State Police officer in a 4X4. He gave us waters, and I was able to dump some of my extra for the long climb. Enjoyable ride from Barney Reservoir on out. We passed a couple other bikers going the opposite way (hello if you’re reading this) climbing up a gnarly descent we were bombing down. Really used my brakes dropping down to the Trask proper.

    Beautiful camp spot at the bottom, but right on the road, and still pretty far from Tillamook if you wanna catch the 1:05pm bus back to PDX (We did) so we kept going. It was looking pretty grim until we lucked out at mile 50 on a super idyllic spot referred to as “The Crawdad Hole” on some maps. I imagine this spot is usually taken by “Big Truck Hillbilly action”, but we beat them here by mere seconds. Funny how that works sometimes. Far enough from the road for privacy and security, close to the river and level.

    Ride into town the next morning super straight forward, lots of cows, some more Trask River action. The last few miles into Tillamook were a real test. Blood sugar low, legs tired, almost to town…just mentally tough. Overall a really great route and one I would definitely repeat if I knew I could snag that sweet, sweet camp spot. Also of note, the Tillamook Wave bus will hold 3 bikes now, not 2. They also do not require reservations, even though we called ahead to find out.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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