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  • ButtHurt
    June 24, 2017 at 8:46 pm #1671

    As the title says, just did this route over two days in June started in Hillsboro and took the Wave bus back to Portland on day two. We did not see any active logging and just one pick-up truck on the unpaved sections. It’s really hard to imagine big trucks going up and down those steep, winding roads actually. I’m glad I didn’t see it in person, it would have been nerve-wracking. As recommended we filled our water bottles (3 per person) and another 2ish liters of water up at the Lake Stop store at mile 11 which was enough to get us comfortably to the camp spot at mile 38ish.

    I didn’t see the suggested good spot at mile 37 right before the switchback descent (just because I wasn’t looking) but did camp at the bottom of the descent right before the bridge. It was an ok spot, hidden from the road and near to the water for filtering, but bring bug repellent! There were a lot of mosquitoes. If you like using a hammock then this is a great route to bring it with because you’ll not worry about hanging options.

    Definitely bring sunscreen, kind of a given, but a lot of this is exposed and you will fry unevenly on your left side leaving you with bad tan lines. If you have some time to kill and the weather is really warm, I’d suggest bringing enough food for two days and exploring some of the prime swimming spots after mile 46ish where the road is low along the river to make a good swimming trip, then continue into Tillamook or on to wherever. Even once you leave the State Forest and are back on pavement there are still good designated swimming spots. Though I can imagine at times maybe the river current might be too swift for safe swimming but when we rode by it looked primed for some relaxing.

    My friend and I rode on 40c tires and some of the sharp downhill turns were a little sketchy but no flats, crashes, or falls. Bigger tires would have been great for the big, loose gravel but we still had a ton of fun and aren’t hurting from our setups. And we navigated primarily with GPS for the first-timer, and handwritten cues and intuition for the second-timer.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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