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  • liny195
    August 19, 2019 at 1:50 am #2159

    Running back Kareem Hunt was cleared to start practicing at training camp over the weekend https://www.brownsfanshop.com/Duke-Johnson-Jersey , but the groin injury that kept him off the field last week wasn’t the only topic of conversation when he met the media on Monday.Hunt was asked about an incident at a Cleveland bar earlier this summer that resulted in a conversation with police that was caught on video. Hunt spoke to the Browns about it at the time and General Manager John Dorsey said that they do not expect any league discipline as a result.On Monday, Hunt said he will “lay low and just continue to work to be a better person” after an incident he called a misunderstanding.“I appreciate that the Browns still have my back,” Hunt said, via Daryl Ruiter of 92.3 The Fan. “It was just something that was a misunderstanding. I know I can’t have that, so I look to move forward and continue bettering myself.”Hunt will be serving an eight-game suspension to open the year as a result of another incident that included video of him kicking and shoving a woman. He was released by the Chiefs when that video surfaced last year and signed by the Browns in February. One of the most successful coaches in college football history and one of the most successful coaches in professional football history were on the same staff in Cleveland in the 1990s, and lessons learned then are still valuable today.Alabama head coach Nick Saban was an assistant to Patriots coach Bill Belichick on the Browns from 1991 t 1994 Greg Joseph Jersey , and Saban said this week that he still uses an important tip from Belichick: Don’t coach players too much.“Good coaches are trying to reinforce players in practice after every play. They’re telling them, ‘You did this well’ or ‘You need to do it this way’ or ‘You made a mental error’ You’re getting corrected, you did a do job, whatever,” Saban said. “Sometimes player are depending on that reinforcement all the time in practice. But in a game, there’s no coach out there. I used to coach like that when I was an assistant. We’d have a scrimmage with the Cleveland Browns and Belichick would chew my butt out Jabrill Peppers Color Rush Jersey , man. He’d say, ‘Let the players play.’ I was like, ‘Wow, I’ve never had my butt chewed out before for coaching, teaching.’ But I have to say the same thing sometimes to our coaches now. Because there’s a time when you’ve just got to let the players play. Because in a game, they’ve got to know what to do E.J. Gaines Color Rush Jersey , they’ve got to know how to do it. They can’t depend on somebody else to make a call for them, they can’t depend on somebody else to recognize things for them. So we actually do stuff in practice now, we do team on the field, I make the coaches get off the field. Let the players play.”Belichick and Saban didn’t have a lot of success in Cleveland, but they’ve both shown since then that theirs is a winning approach to coaching.

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