We’re spoiled living in Oregon. Between the Coast and Cascade Ranges, the high desert of central Oregon, and the remote expanses of eastern Oregon, we have all the makings for top-notch bikepacking. You can find just about anything to suit your fancy here – whether you’re into glacier views of Mount Hood or exploring remote jeep roads and sleeping in the sagebrush. And now we make it easy for you – find a route, get planning, go ride your bike. While we can’t help turn the pedals, we give you just about everything else you’ll need to get rolling on your next Oregon bikepacking adventure.

Like most ideas, this one was planted years ago and festered in the back of our heads. The sudden popularity of bikepacking certainly helped propel this idea forward, but it was more than that.   It took thousands of miles of bikepacking Oregon before we felt like we knew enough to put together enough legitimately good routes. You can’t fake quality. All we needed was a web genius to put our ideas together. Lucky for us all, the stars aligned – we serendipitously met our web guru and voilà – Oregon Bikepacking.

We admit we’ve barely scratched the surface of everything Oregon has to offer. That’s the fun part for us – over the next several years we plan to ride every backwoods, remote corner of Oregon to continue our quest to put together new, and hopefully even better, routes for you. Expect a new route about every 3 months, maybe more, maybe less. Like most of you, we have real jobs so we’ll ride when we can and post when we can. But this is our mission and we’re singularly focused on making it happen.

There are a few folks that deserve special mention because without them this resource would not be possible. First and foremost is our friend Jason, Mr. JVA, the man behind all the beautiful web design. He created something I’ve been struggling with for years – a cogent, articulate way to convey all the minutiae of a multi-day bikepacking route. Putting all of this information in a clear, concise package is way harder than it looks.

We also want to give a very special shout out to our site sponsors – Ride Oregon, Salsa Cycles, Chris King, Porcelain Rocket, and Wabi Woolens. They truly made this site a reality and it is because of their support that this site is completely free. They’re also giving us the ability to explore more of Oregon in order to expand this website well beyond its current content. Yes, we are extremely lucky: people help us ride our bikes – super rad awesome people like our site sponsors. And in turn we create free content like this for you. It’s the cycling version of the circle of life.  We strongly encourage you to return the favor by supporting these amazing companies. Plus these folks make legit bikepacking gear.

Anyways, we hope you enjoy the site whether you just want to look at some pretty pictures or you’re serious about bikepacking. Thanks and have fun!



Donnie Kolb is the founder of Oregon Bikepacking and VeloDirt.  If you have any questions about this site or bikepacking in Oregon, feel free to drop him an email at info@oregonbikepacking.com