The Death of the Oregon Outback

The Death of the Oregon Outback –photo and words by Donnie I guess I’m one of those naïve Midwestern boys who still thinks people are generally good and do the right thing. I’m almost 40 and I still get surprised when folks don’t conform to this view of the world. So, while I had an […]

The Perfect Gear: Reviews, Opinion, & Bias

The Perfect Gear: Reviews, Opinion, & Bias -photos and words by Donnie Don’t let anyone fool you – there is no perfect piece of gear.   Whether you’re talking bikes, tents, stoves, tires – you name it – there is no singular best for everyone under all circumstances. The most you can hope for out of […]

The Outback Sizzler – by Tim Clark

  The Outback Sizzler -photos and words by Tim Clark Well, sadly the Oregon Outback Sizzler (Summer Edition) is merely an image in the clip-on rearview mirror. There is much to share, but since the Oregon Outback is the “most documented bikepacking trip”, I’ll focus on the unique mid-summer aspects of our trip. We certainly […]


  Welcome to the all-new Oregon Bikepacking!   We’re spoiled living in Oregon. Between the Coast and Cascade Ranges, the high desert of central Oregon, and the remote expanses of eastern Oregon, we have all the makings for top-notch bikepacking. You can find just about anything to suit your fancy here – whether you’re into […]

The Oregon Outback – by David Boerner

The Oregon Outback -photos and words by David Boerner   VeloDirt founder and “race” organizer Donnie Kolb jokingly said something along the lines of, “this will probably go down in history as the most-documented bikepacking event ever.” I think he was correct by a landslide. This being a Portland-based “ultra endurance ‘race,'” it was more […]

The Oregon Outback – by Maria Schur

The Oregon Outback -photos and words by Maria Schur   It all started three years ago on Old Moody Road, when a group of us on tour veered off course and onto this steep gravel road.  As a confirmed roadie, I’d never ridden off the pavement before.  Soon, I was commuting to work on the […]